Smoke from bonfires can travel for hundreds of yards especially on a windy day. Following complaints from members of the public, it has been agreed with the Landlords that Bonfires will only be lit after 4.00PM.
Members using their allotment correctly should have very little to burn for example –

All green material can be composted.

All plastics should be taken to the dump.

Rotting wood should be stacked up as a home for wildlife where the habitat may have been destroyed.

Old canes can be cut and tied together to make homes for Bumble Bees and Ladybirds.

This just leaves diseased material and invasive weeds that cannot be composted.

Following some incidents in 2014 our insurers have issued new rules regarding bonfires.

No Bonfire may be lit within 30 feet of any structure that includes sheds and greenhouses.

A supply of water must be on hand in case the fire gets out of control.

Members must not leave a Bonfire until they have burned down and gone out.