Keeping Chickens


NADCAA have vast knowledge of poultry keeping, and these rules have been laid down following the many problems that have arisen since members started to keep poultry. They are designed to ensure good husbandry and the wellbeing of the poultry being kept.

The Poultry Keeper Understands -

1.     That poultry may be kept on any of the allotment fields run by the Association only after permission has been obtained from the Secretary, and that this permission may be withdrawn at any time.

2.     That the run must be sturdy and fox proof and that it must not shade the growing area of the adjoining plots.

3.     That all birds must be fed and watered daily and kept in good health.

4.     That the run must be kept clean and free from mites and not allowed to get smelly so that members on adjoining plots have reason to complain.

5.     That in the winter months, the run will be protected from the weather to ensure the birds’  wellbeing.

6.     That they must purchase good brands of rat poison and rotate the brands so that rats don’t become immune to them or become a nuisance to other plotholders.

7.     That sick birds must be dealt with quickly.

8.     That Cockerels, which can become noisy, are not allowed by order of the Landlord.

9.     That birds that have died or been put down due to ill health will be burnt and not buried, to discourage animals from digging them up.

10.  That in the event of the Management Committee deciding that the birds are not being kept in good conditions as laid out in this agreement, the owner will remove them and the run, with immediate effect.

11.  This Agreement is renewable on the first day of January each year and will be updated should unforeseen problems arise.